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This is where it all happens.  The Airwave Imagery studio produces the superb quality audio you hear every day on media outlets around the world. We take pride in every recording session we do, but it wouldn't matter much if we didn't have the right tools.  The Airwave Imagery studio has all of the amenities you would expect to find at a premier advertising agency.       

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Audio engineers know that the key to making noise-free recordings is the audio interface. We use the critically-acclaimed Universal Audio Apollo Twin. There is never a hiss or hum to be heard—or recorded. The Apollo Twin is undeniably one of the best interfaces you can buy.

For unlimited multi-track recording, we use Cubase Pro 11. It allows us to create exceptional sounding audio files fast, and in virtually all commonly used formats.



Inside our voice booth, you will hear nothing but your thoughts. The outside world is muted. This fully sound-proofed booth also has Aurolex foam on the walls to prevent unwanted echo. The only thing the microphone can pick up is the voice speaking into it.  

The Neumann BCM 104 microphone generates the clearest sound imaginable and adds the right  level of warmth and resonance for most voiceovers. The Neumann is amplified by a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface. They work brilliantly together.





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For live recording sessions with studios anywhere in the world, we use Source Connect Standard. We can send and receive high quality digital audio with virtually no lag. Just dial in and let's rock.

We also give you the capability to direct live recording sessions via Zoom, Skype, or over the phone. There is no extra charge for using whatever method you choose.  

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